MahaSati Wisdom Awareness Training

MahaSati National Training is a long-term study-practice training (2-4 years), for intermediate/experienced dharma practitioners with at least 5 years of meditation practice & more than 30 cumulative days of silent retreat (in any Buddhist tradition), who have a connection with Heather through sitting retreat with her or attending events with her.  

Held in cyber-small groups + individual sessions with Heather & an annual retreat, it offers ongoing recorded teachings, study & practice support in the Deepening Awareness-Wisdom including  Mindfulness of the Body & Nervous System, Concentration, Accessing & Deepening Awareness, Three Characteristics, untangling & releasing Defilements, Emptiness, Suchness, Dependent Origination, Heart Practice, Energy Practice & much more.  This training is grounded in & influenced by the teachings & practices out of the Thai Forest tradition of Theravadan Buddhism.

If you find yourself called to deepening your practice in a committed way & developing a relationship with Heather, please check the following Talk and if the teachings resonnate for you, email me at info<at>

I can send you more information.

The next MahaSati Training will be offered in 2020-2021.  Registration will open Summer of 2019.
Advanced MahaSati Training will be offered in 2022-2023.  

All good wishes,

“The power of the MahaSati training is the continuity of commitment from our Teacher, our Sangha, and from myself.  Heather provides clarity of teaching, a deep heart, and an intimate connection with her students.  Her commitment is felt and reflected in our dedication to our evolving practices.  The support and sharing from the Sangha feels like an embrace of an old friend.  So comforting, so kind, and so encouraging.  The truth of the Dharma is the guiding light of the practice, but the commitment and strength derived from this community has allowed me to trust my process and grow exponentially in wholeness.”  ~Angela, NV