Buddhism and 12 Steps

Buddhism & 12 Steps

Prayer FlagsFor 30+ years, practicing the 12 Steps has been an important part of Heather’s spiritual journey. While she very much considers herself just another traveler on the 12-step path, she does work with students who wish to combine Insight Meditation practice with their existing 12-step practice (in any program). However, the individual work Heather does is supporting meditation, not sponsorship. Heather's individual practice is mainly working with students who sit retreats with her.  Heather also feels that Insight Meditation should not be used as a replacement for 12-step work or a program, but as a potentially important complement practice.  

From 2004 to 2013, Heather and Kevin Griffin, author of One Breath At A Time, taught an annual autumn 4-night Buddhism and 12 Step Retreat. For Talks which bring together topics of Buddhism and 12 Steps, please visit Talks.